daehyun: lol ur shirt
himchan: bitch step back

The best thing about you is that you are yourself

2, 3 방-탄! 안녕하세요 방탄소년단입니다.

i prefer | anonymous asked: yoonfany or yoonsic

"Jessica unnie, you took good care of me since I was a trainee. You’re really caring. I think it’s because I resemble Krystal that it was easier for you to be nice to me"

i prefer | anonymous asked: love rain or prime minister and i

"It took me three seconds to love someone for the first time, but to stop loving someone, it was impossible in just three seconds"

Sica logic

i prefer | anonymous asked: yoonaxfood or yoonaxskirts

"I wish food was falling from the sky…"